CAAE Thought-Leaders Are Here, There And Everywhere!

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In the spirit of sharing best practices, CAAE members continue to share their knowledge and insights through articles and a variety of virtual webinars. Members are encouraged to share their speaking engagements with Membership Chair Susan deMuth (Johns Hopkins) or post them directly to the CAAE website under the Forums section, Current Topics

  • Listen to the Data: How alumni relations teams have embraced engagement metrics and learned more about their constituents” is the title of an article in the July/August 2020 issue of CASE Currents featuring several members of CAAE. The article makes the case for the importance of alumni engagement metrics for altering actions and displaying the value of Alumni Relations work to constituents and intuitional leadership. CAAE contributors included J T. Forbes (Indiana), Lisa Lewis (UMinnesota), member of Julie Sina’s team, Katrina Ward (UCLA) and recipient of the CAAE 2020 Lawrence S. Preo Fellowship, Adam Sylvain (UChicago).
  • Alumni Relations Do’s, Don’ts and What-Ifs? of Preparing for Fall, held July 20, 2020, featuring CAAE members J T. Forbes (Indiana) and Mo Cotton Kelly (UConn). Click here to access a recording of this and earlier sessions, hosted by UC, Berkeley’s Jay Dillon through the Alumni Community of Practice
  • Engaging Alumni in a Changing World, held July 30, 2020, by AGN Resources featured Erika Jordan (UC, Irvine) and Reggie Bustinza (Northern Illinois), who provided a framework for engaging alumni in an increasingly virtual world.
  • CASE Institute in Alumni Relations, being held from September 15 - October 20, 2020, a four-week format of live interactive sessions and in-depth small group discussions, is being chaired by Cindy Fredrick (UVA), with the participation of fellow CAAE members, Julie Decker (Florida State), Josh Harraman (Rutgers) and Sean Price (UAlberta).

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