Ode To Doug Dibbert's 40th Anniversary

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Read more about how the staff of the University of North Carolina General Alumni Association paid tribute to one of CAAE's founding members, Doug Dibbert, on the occasion of his 40th year of service to the GAA.

In a salute to Doug Dibbert’s 40th anniversary as President of the University of North Carolina General Alumni Association (GAA), the staff of the GAA organized a unique celebration during the annual June Board meeting barbecue.

Presided by GAA Board Chair David Keesler, Doug reports that the occasion included “exceedingly generous comments” by Richard Stevens, chair of the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees, Dick Baddour, retired UNC Athletics Director, and Steve Shaw, Director of Finance & Administration of the GAA.

The following ode was prepared by Jan Capps, former Director of the GAA Board, and was accompanied by a slide show that captures some of the many special occasions and people from Doug’s 40 years of service, which occurs officially on July 15, 2022.


Ode to Doug Dibbert and forty years of leadership of the GAA 


Over three hundred thousand Carolina Alumni in the know,

Recognize Doug Dibbert of the GAA as CEO.


Alums and friends who are Carolina strong,

Know that Doug’s Carolina knowledge is never wrong.


“Yours at Carolina” we regularly read,

Your wisdom is something we always heed.


The GAA has received legions of awards,

It’s you and your leadership bringing us forward.


You always initiate singing the Carolina song,

Some of us must read your lips to correctly sing along!


We congratulate you on your forty years, 

At the helm of the organization we all hold dear.


We tip our glass to you and the ship you steer,

and to you we offer our very special cheers.

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