Show Of Hands Showcase: Remote Work Flexibility

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Michele Nota (URI) used CAAE’s Show of Hands tool earlier this winter to ask members the following question: Will you be allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely? She shares her findings, here.

By Michele Nota, Vice President, Alumni Engagement, University of Rhode Island

The abrupt pivot last March to working remotely came with many uncertainties as to how teams would fare in this new COVID environment. 

Many of us would say that our teams outperformed expectations, engaged even more alumni, and produced, then recorded many meaningful virtual experiences that are now part of our university’s history.

But how do we pivot once again to continue to see the benefits of what we have learned and possibly missed with many aspirational opportunities ahead to do something better and even more forward-thinking?

So what did we learn?  Office space provided an organic environment for friendships to form, collaborations to occur, and the real-time observance of colleagues celebrating.

On the other hand, team members will not be eager to return to a daily commute, have enjoyed the time savings of working from home and many will not miss the time-bound and daily structured Zoom mode which created real fatigue.

Of the CAAE respondents, the overwhelming majority will develop a hybrid and flexible remote work plan to balance the needs of our organizations and team members from what has been learned over the past year. 

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