CAAE Membership

CAAE is the premiere organization dedicated to the advancement of the invaluable alumni relations profession. Our membership is comprised of North America's 80 largest and most influential alumni associations. For qualified institutions considering membership in CAAE, there are many reasons this is a great investment for your institution and for you as an alumni leader.


CAAE membership is an institutional membership. The institution is represented by its Chief Alumni Relations Officer. Institutions must meet the following threshold minimums in order to apply for membership:

100,000 addressable living graduates

$1,000,000 annual expenditures

Eight full-time staff members

If an institution meets the threshold minimums the CAAE Membership Committee will apply a set of weighted criteria to determine membership. These criteria include:

Academic rankings (30%)

Total personnel and operations expenses (30%)

Number of full-time staff (25%)

Title to whom the chief alumni relations officer reports (15%)


Industry Insights and Resources

Industry Thought Leadership

Professional Development Opportunities

Unparalleled Professional Network

Fees & Expectations

$2,500 annual dues (members who join between March and August pay pro-rated dues of $1,250)

Members are expected to attend two institutes annually (winter and summer) for two days each with your industry colleagues

Members are expected to participate in CAAEs annual, comprehensive census and salary surveys


To apply, complete this FORM and email it to If you have questions or need additional information regarding CAAE membership, contact Aija Moeller at (202) 478-5581 or