CAAE Strategic Framework  

Adopted July 2017


We strive to be the leader in cultivating, supporting and promoting best practices, innovations, and investment in alumni engagement while also advocating for a strong alumni voice for the benefit of alumni, their universities, and society by convening and engaging chief alumni officers representing the world’s leading research universities.


CAAE is committed to providing high-value professional development and personal leadership growth opportunities to chief alumni officers in a uniquely collegial manner for the benefit of member institutions and their alumni.

Mutual Value Proposition

CAAE to Members: A resource for professional development, ideas, networks, connections and support, CAAE is a conduit for content and connections that help chief alumni officers lead better, make evidenced-based decisions, and be high value assets to and for their Universities and their alumni. Members explore, create, and share with each other and with the field more broadly through CAAE, partner organizations, and personal networks.

Members to CAAE and to the profession: Members fulfill CAAE’s mission through their involvement and interactions with one another. Members extend the reach and thought leadership of CAAE through the scale, impact and breadth of their work at their institutions; their contributions to the Winter Institute and Summer Session/CASE Summit as presenters and organizers; substantial participation in dialogues and information sharing; their role in allied or partner organizations such as CASE; and through their sharing of knowledge member to member and membership wide.

Overarching Objective

Ensure member satisfaction through high value programs, content, communications, and connections designed and led by members.

Strategic Priorities:

Capitalizing on the diverse strengths of its membership, CAAE offers:

Evidence-based practices and insights that inform best practices to more effectively serve alumni and their alma maters.

Enriching experiences that facilitate delivery of high value professional and personal leadership development leading to enhanced performance for and value to their alumni and university communities.

Powerful peer networks and partnerships that facilitate communication and sharing among members between formal meetings to foster strong collegial relationships and partnerships that add value to members and CAAE initiatives and their alumni engagement programs.

Primary Activities:

Winter Institute

Summer Sessions/CASE Summit

Member Communications

Creating opportunities to share evidence-based content

Annual census - data, salary, etc.

Fellowship programs

Orientation, stewardship, and engagement of members

CASE partnership

Mission-centered business partnerships