Innovation Fund

CAAE Innovation Fund, deadline June 30, 2022

The past two years of the pandemic have required all of us to think differently and innovate in a rapidly changing environment. As we advance our profession, the CAAE Board invites applications for the $5,000 Innovation Fund award.

The fund was created to provide support to CAAE member institutions to take on a pioneering project or initiative that pushes the boundaries of existing alumni engagement practice, and to assist our institutions in being innovative in our community-building efforts. The fund may be used to support a new program or technology, a research project, a communications approach, as some examples.

To qualify for this funding, the member institution must demonstrate that it is also investing some of its own resources in this initiative. Successful applicants will be asked to share results and impact of their initiative with the CAAE Board and potentially with CAAE members more broadly within 18 months of being selected to receive the funding.

Additional consideration will be given to CAAE members partnering with other member institutions.

CAAE members may submit an application to the CAAE Awards and Fellowships Committee containing the following:

  • a description of the project
  • project manager(s)
  • participants and stakeholders
  • timeline
  • intended goals/outcomes of the project

Applications should be sent to Lisa Lewis (Minnesota), Chair, Awards and Fellowships Committee by Thursday, June 30. The Committee will vet applications and present recommendations to the CAAE Board at an upcoming board meeting.

We look forward to seeing your creative work to develop new approaches to our alumni engagement strategies.